Once upon a time


This is the story of A Table Outside


Actually it's just one of the stories because most of them are yet to be told. 

This is the one about the girl who was shown a photo 12 months ago of a long dining table on a beach in the States. That girl was me and the picture was of an event created by Jim Denevan, surfer, self-taught chef and the godfather of farm to table dining. His company Outstanding In The Field holds dinners all over the States and beyond. Do yourself a favour and take a look at the Instagram feed because it's a thing of great beauty. I immediately fell in love. Not only with how these events looked, but also because of the stories they told. 

And those stories are so important. Because in this era of fast, cheap, processed food, we often don't know where our food comes from. 

That's why the idea of connecting people with those who grow our food is so compelling. To listen to their stories of what drives them to be farmers (which let's face it, is really bloody hard work), to hear the passion in their voices when they talk about their produce and to taste the freshness and full flavour of food that's literally just been plucked from the field... those are stories I want to hear over and over again. 

And you can bet your bottom dollar, the chef at a farm to table dinner has a great story too. Did you know Daniel Britten, our chef, was a decorator who applied for Masterchef on a whim and only went and got to the quarter finals? That's just the beginning of his epic story.

You the guests, you have the chance to tell your tale as well if you want. it's the reason why our food is served family style at one long table encouraging conversation as rich and enjoyable as the food on the plate. Talking of which, when you come to A Table Outside, you're invited to bring your favourite plate to eat from. It might be a wedding present, a family heirloom or something you picked up on your travels. I for one can't wait to hear the stories behind these plates.

So you see A Table Outside is so much more than just a lovely dinner in a field. It's an evening full of wonderful yarns and happy ever afters. 


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Bernadette Keane